flickerが写した洞爺湖サミット 機動隊編

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the early morning of January 6,parfums burberry, Xu Feng Asian bone surgery is completed.

9 o'clock on the 7th,burberry enfants, in Yucheng County People's Hospital bone Côte intensive care unit,porte monnaie burberry, a 40-year-old man holding a bouquet of flowers,foulard burberry, tears in his eyes, lying in bed, people repeatedly thanked the head wound with a bandage.

the panic moment

on the morning of January 7,burberry parfum homme, driver,Burberry Pas Cher, Yucheng police arrested and detained.

looking at the hit to his body threw himself to the masses

Before Wang bucket come to understand that he has been throwing himself on the side of the road,parfum burberry homme, but cars of Xu Feng Asian Zhuangfei 3 meters far. The car accident did not stop,gants burberry, a succession of horse autumn and Dong Cunliang knocked to the ground, and then fled.

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[progress] admit that the night indeed drink driving

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[restore] a roadside dispute resolution Zhuangfei 3 meters

the evening of January 5, Yucheng County Public Security Bureau,chèche burberry, Xiao Hou police station Xu Feng,foulards burberry, director of Asia,Burberry Homme, is Yu (City) mm (state) side of the road mediation with disputes,parapluie burberry, a black car suddenly the face of rapidly approaching. The critical moment,burberry vetement, Xu Feng Asian one side of the masses to throw,burberry chaussures, its been hit fly three meters how far,écharpes burberry, causing the legs three fractures.

the evening of January 5,short burberry homme, Xu Feng Asian knocked Wang Yanbing of Yucheng County Public Security Bureau and Political Commissar Wei Kekui immediately rushed to the scene of the accident,Sac Burberry, two police and directors Cunliang sent to the county's People's Hospital .


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