The Main Question to Think..

How the Future of Search Should Be?

In the Google Age, it is typical to become familiar with the specific
side of the information, and skip the rest of the context. Although it
is the most popular information among site viewers, there might be
something else you should know.

For example, living in Japan, there are very few chances to get to know
about the Third World. What if there is a link to a website of NGO when
you search about your favorite lable?

Of course search services are there to help you to find out what you want
to know, but they could be a trigger to get to know something you didn't
even know you are better to know.

Tell us what you think.
Is there any topic that is difficult to find out from search engine although everyone should know?
What kind of search system would you think is valuable?

Imagine, how the search will be like in 5 years, or may be closer future.

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