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From an interview: the conbination of digital expression

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We have interviewed a representative of a blog-related company. We have noticed that combination of different searching system is necessary in order to cover as many information as possible. This is very interesting, 

Data Portabilityによって、いままでSNSの中で閉じていたソーシャル情報が、インターネット全体で利用できるようになり、新しい価値を生み出して いる。これは、ブログやRSSフィードで、データ(コンテンツ)がインターネット全体で利用できるようになったのに続く、エポックメイキングな出来事かも しれない。


Google のSocial Graph APIを使うと、すでにGoogleが、人と人との関係情報を、SNSの垣根を越えて収集していることがわかる。これは、10年ぐらい前に、Google で自分の名前を入れたら、信じられないぐらい多くの情報がインデックスされていた、というのと似ているかもしれない。

すべてがソーシャル からの情報になる、というわけではないと思う。例えば自分の興味があるものは、キーワード検索のように能動的に調べるだろうし、ソーシャルの情報は、実生 活で、隣の人がたとえば「昨日iPhoneをかったんだけど」と話しているのを聞く感覚であとは、完全に受動的な情報取得も、引き続きあるでしょう。例え ばテレビをみる、のような。


The Future of Search Engine

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I thought that there were so many articles about a search engine.

Specially I'm interested in the article of  "The Search Engine without Links". 

Our group's goal are to know about "The Future of Search Engine"

Continuing the research about Search Engine , I thought that the role of Search Engine would change the  future and the result is good or bad .

Only history has known it.



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The Question of Future Search System

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Search engine has a power and influence more than mass-media  ,if one want to get the information.
I think next-generation search engines will have a function of recommendation for animation and sounds.
It will some kind of arbitrariness to individual's idea or thinking.
How do you think about danger of that (some kind of  information control...) caused by development of search engine.
Are some people researching about the psychological background of search engine's  recommendation.

What is The Ultimate Reserch Engine?

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If one write [that] and reserch is the ultimate reserch.That means  the reserch engine analyze the one man's thinking and lifestyle.Of course, that must have the databese of persons (age, preference, taste, job and so on). The reserch engine that can choose like old wife is the ideal.

Reserch engine of thesedays just choose,only choose. If that have some length , that is much better.





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As we've changed the blog yesterday, let me introduce the comment that we've got in the previous blog;

A comment from Mike;
"One problem will be that advertisers and partners will rise to the top of search results. It might be better to have a search engine which is not so heavily influenced by advertisers.

Another place where search seems to be poor is in the political realm. I should be able to easily figure out what my representatives stand for and how they voted and why in a simple fashion."

Very interesting point, I think. There are many ways to make your blogs rise high as searching results (I don't know yet how exactly I should act, though), but the effect of advertisers might have anther purpose to do it other than the users' real desire.

But I think one of the point to discuss is, who should be responsible to be influential for the searching results. Does anyone have anything to say? 


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